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The Print Networking Club is specifically designed to bring together all those involved in the industry from marketers, designers, book artists, printers and suppliers, giving you the opportunity to network and build new contacts and relationships...keep up to date with the latest issues, news and views.

The Print Networking Club is held every month in one of London's true hidden 'gems' the St Bride Foundation Bar. Steeped in the history of print and typography the Foundation was built and designed to educate and energise those involved in the printing industry.

The Bar was originally the old laundry room for the first swimming pool built in the city of London and while it still houses the old washing machine and spin dryer, it now stocks a wide selection beers, wines & spirits!

So come along and join in, have a glass or two and make some great new contacts.

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Print Networking Event


Monday 1st June
from 5pm to 7:30pm

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St Bride Foundation.
Fleet Street, London

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We're looking forward to seeing you all here in the Bar at St Bride Foundation for a few drinks and lots of networking.

It's been a hectic month or so here at St Bride, so we're expecting this will also be a lively night and a great opportunity for you to catch up with lots of people you know and many more you've yet to meet.

We look forward to welcoming you all in the Bar from 5.00 - 7.30pm.

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Print Rocks!
Card Vase Guys
Trevor Elworthy
Dr Kate Stone
Vitaly Golomb

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Past Events and Speakers

The Print Networking Club is known for having different and innovative guest speakers, such as Vitaly Golomb from Keen Systems in the USA who came along and spoke previously about his campaign PrintisBig.com

Dr Kate Stone MD of Novalia who spoke a few months ago about her innovative printed sound solutions combining technology with printed electronics that deliver incredible results.

Trevor Elworthy the CIO and founder of Lumejet a UK-based technology innovator with extensive expertise in photonic (light-based) imaging systems – inkless printing technology that delivers incredible results.

Patrick Gavin & Chris Bibby ‘the likely lads’ who made it on to Dragons Den with their innovative printed flat pack Card Vase, assembled in seconds to form a vase, suitable to hold water and a full bouquet of flowers.

In December 2014 we held a special event called ‘Print Rocks’ where over 150 people from the world of print attended and enjoyed good music, and great company which was a fantastic highlight and close to 2014. The event program for 2015 will also include some great themed events and ideas to bring people together.

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